Programming languages — Relationship between satisfaction and opportunities

This blog post is part of Udacity Data Scientist Nanodegree with the project “Writing a Data Science Blog Post”. The github repo stackoverflow provides the basis for the findings.

What are currently the most desired programming languages?

The study shows that Python and JavaScript are currently among the most popular programming languages. The distribution can be seen in the following chart.

What are currently the most used programming languages?

There is also an evaluation with regard to the most used languages in 2020. the evaluation can be viewed in the following:

The primus python in terms of the most desired language only occupies 4th place here. While JavaScript also dominates the field here.

Is there a coherence between satisfied & dissatisfied Programming Languages?

An important question is, of course, whether there are correlations between the most popular and least popular programming languages.

The split bar chart shows the proportion of calls in terms of satisfied and dissatisfied users in their current programming languages. However, there seems to be no correlation here, since the proportion of dissatisfaction cannot be put into relation with satisfaction.
An interesting finding is that programmers without information about a programming language have a very low satisfaction rate.

Is there a coherence between used and disered language?

Another analysis is the relationship between the programming language currently in use and the popular programming language. The results can be found in the following heat map.

The evaluation shows that there are occasionally high correlations between certain programming languages.
User groups can also be found for the corresponding correlations. For example at Swift & Objective-C, which are used for the development of iOS mobile apps or the relationship between the languages ​​C & C++ can be recognized, which contain a similar syntax. Likewise, the connection between JavaScript, HTML and SQL for applications cannot be denied.

All in all, beware when choosing the programming language. In the end, satisfaction counts.



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